Conceptualized from the idea that branding, design and web presence work best and most efficiently when originated from the same source – Virtual Koi is the moniker used by Gosia Jankuc as a marketer, designer and builder of websites. The Virtual Koi experience ensures a seamless journey from the beginning stages of your initiative all the way through analysis. Whether Gosia herself is executing all parts of your project or collaborating with her tried and true network of photographers, videographers or back-end developers – the precision in attention to detail and communication will get the results you are seeking.

A client base ranging from technical b2b clients to trendsetting brands in fashion and music has equipped Gosia to dig into your industry, whatever it may be, to uncover the messages that will not only resonate with who you are trying to reach, but will add a unique new layer to how you and your business are perceived.

Whether you need to hone in on brand strategy, wake up your website with fresh designs and improved user experience, or are in need of projection visuals for your band’s next show –  Virtual Koi has a solution for you. Check out the full list of capabilities HERE.


With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, a PR degree from DePaul University and Graphic Design Certificate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Gosia started Virtual Koi in early 2017. Her eclectic skill set and passion for design, marketing, and digital presence led her to the aha moment that is now Virtual Koi.

Something most don’t know? Gosia moved to Chicago in 1990 from her birthplace of Wroclaw, Poland, and very quickly absorbed Americana culture. To this day, she acknowledges Axl Rose as instrumental in her transition – as it was through daily reading of Guns n’ Roses lyrics with her then teenage older brother that she learned to speak English.

As of 2018 Gosia lives in Berlin, Germany and her client base and collaborators network is international. Her latest area of exploration is within digital media, focusing on audio responsive video mixing software used during live performances.